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You must meet George........

You must meet George........

2 Ladies are always looking for inspiration. We were both inspired by George. You must meet George. He is following his dream. Yes he is an interesting guy..... his Harley being just one of his passions. Yes he is the life of the party too....people seek him out. He is passionate about many things but the one thing that caught our attention was George's obsession with pie. Pie! Not just any pie. Sweet potato pie. And pie done right, the way your grandma would make it. George was obsessed with making the best sweet potato pie ever. After numerous trials and errors he nailed it.



We recently ran into George and were so happy to hear of his success. Whole Foods will be carrying his sweet potato pie so we will all be able to enjoy it! It's called Percy's Sweet Potato Pie.  

But George isn't done yet....isn't satisfied. He has also created flavored sweet potato pies......imagine Kahlua sweet potato pie, or pecan praline sweet potato pie. Mmmmm.

When we met up with George it was our lucky day....he had a few samples with him.  Oh my goodness!!!


With the holiday craziness coming upon us quickly do yourself a favor and check out Percy's Sweet Potato Pies at Whole Foods. 

Oh and George isn't done yet. He is working on sweet potato ice cream!!!!!! 

A Harvest of Color and Texture.........

A Harvest of Color and Texture.........

Into business: Fall decorating........

Into business: Fall decorating........