If a room in your home doesn't suit you and your family's needs, should you have to change the whole decor? Or is there a small, but elegant alteration that you can make to fix the look? That is my expertise. Whether it's a small fix in one room or an entire house, I can infuse new life into your existing space.

I will use good ideas to help use what you already have or to find a solution on what you need. Figuring out answers to specific problems, such as where to place a sofa, how to arrange objects on a coffee table, or decorating bookshelves, is my specialty. I can also help you freshen up the look of your home to match each season. I will find a balance between functional and stylish designs.

I have an open-minded approach to your special event planning. I am interested in making sure that your special event is a personal reflection of yourself and your family. I can help you plan for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and more. Whether it's a small intimate gathering of friends or a large holiday affair, I will ensure that the decor fits the occasion.