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Holiday Decorating for a Business...

Holiday Decorating for a Business...

Most of you have probably started - or finished - your Christmas or holiday decorating. We 2 Ladies have been very busy with decorating our clients' homes and businesses, but we thought we'd share with you some of our thoughts about successfully decorating a business for the holidays. Some of these ideas can be used to help create a holiday-themed decor for your own home as well.

One of our most favorite clients asked us to create a magical winter wonderland in her workplace, a hair salon in Carmel. (You may recognize this salon from our previous post on fall decorating.) So, where to begin? First, we rummaged through our client's Christmas decor stored in her garage, and pulled out what we thought we could use. Then, we put on our shopping caps and off we went in search of more "magical" decor.

Jackpot! We found a lot of items and created quite a scene filling two shopping carts with awesome holiday decor. We kept it simple because the business already has a lot going on inside of it, with washing sinks and hairstyling chairs and hair care products to be sold, so we narrowed our color palette to shades of silver, white and gold.

We arrived at the salon with a truckload of decor and began.




There are 2 paned glass windows on both sides of her front door. Out came the fishing line and we hung all sorts of sparkling ornaments. We laced the wire tree with crystal garland and put a feather ball on top. Now the windows are unified in appearance. We kept the coffee table looking simple so that people have plenty of room to put their things down or look at magazines.

Please notice the drapes are cream-colored to match the wall. Actually, we turned our client's floral drapes around and what you're seeing is the lining of the drapes. This helped with our simple color palette.



This little gnome greets you when you walk into the magical winter wonderland.


In this picture you can see a bit of the red star that is hung from the ceiling. We actually hung giant paper stars throughout the salon, they just don't show up in the pictures because the ceilings are so high. It helps create a depth of feeling when you walk in.


We treated the top of the product display cases as we would a mantel or console table. This decor anchors the theme of a "magical winter wonderland."

When decorating a busy, multi-use space, just remember to keep it simple. A theme helps you maintain your focus. Concentrate on only a few colors to carry throughout.

We wish you happy holiday decorating!

Our client:

Roots Hair Salon

Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

Holiday Home Tour.....

Holiday Home Tour.....

A Harvest of Color and Texture.........

A Harvest of Color and Texture.........