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Into business: Fall decorating........

Into business: Fall decorating........

2 Ladies is also into business. Yes that's right, we decorate and design business layouts too! We were asked to re-purpose, re-arrange, and add fall decor to a stylish hair color studio called Roots in Carmel. Our client (who is brilliant with hair color, curls, cut, and style) asked us to create a clean look to her salon and add fall touches throughout.






One of the first things we did was take the sofa off the diagonal angle. This gives the room a cleaner look. Next we tackled the focal wall.....this is what you saw when you first walked in before.... 

Mail Attachment(1).jpeg

A necessary part of our client's business is having the best hair products available for her clients. By moving the product to another room, we have freed up the focal wall creating a beautiful space for our hairstylist and her clients....

Mail Attachment(4).jpeg

Adding another mirror and putting up artwork and a sparkling chandelier simplifies the workspace. Check out these following before-and-after pictures. Notice the fall decor we added is simple, tasteful, and not overdone. Just the right amount. 

Mail Attachment(3).jpeg
Mail Attachment(5).jpeg
Mail Attachment(12).jpeg

Here are some pictures of the fall decor we added to the space. Notice the crate that holds an abundance of foliage, it had held magazines, now a galvanized container stores them neatly. 

Mail Attachment(11).jpeg
Mail Attachment(10).jpeg
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We wanted to recognize the talented artistry of Windy Osborn. She is the brilliant artist who created the fine art photography which hangs in the Roots Salon. For more information on Windy you can contact her at or visit her website at

For more information on the fabulous Roots hair color studio, check out or email Kristen the proprietor of Roots at

You must meet George........

You must meet George........

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