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A Simple Beautiful Way to Decorate Your Dining Table for Fall

A Simple Beautiful Way to Decorate Your Dining Table for Fall

I'll be honest with you, we don't use our dining room very often throughout the year - but in the months of October, November, and December it is a very busy entertaining space! I really like to change the decor in the dining room to keep it fresh and inviting during these months. I wanted a simple and beautiful way to decorate my dining table for fall. I picked a theme to help me focus on what decor to use. I thought of a fall harvest table for decor inspiration. Since I'm in northern California I am reminded of the grape harvest in Napa Valley. So I chose the gorgeous rich colors of wine harvest and muted them. There is a very casual relaxed vibe in Napa so I wanted to bring that relaxed feeling to my harvest table as well.

simple beautiful fall dining table IMG_8131.JPG

I started with this stone-washed linen tablecloth. It is very soft and looks as if I have washed it a hundred times! I don't mind the soft wrinkles of the fabric; in fact it adds to my relaxed look.

I decided against using chargers. The simplicity of the white plates on the natural linen is beautiful. I bought these white plates at HomeGoods. I love their texture and curved shape; they add so much interest to this tablescape.

simple beautiful fall dining table FullSizeRender(76).jpg

The cloth napkins with their rich purples, greys, and greens are very reminiscent of grapes. Perfect for this harvest table!

simple beautiful fall dining room IMG_8146.JPG
simple beautiful fall dining room FullSizeRender(82).jpg

On a short road trip one gorgeous Saturday morning, I went out to a farmer's pumpkin stand and found these gorgeous pumpkins! I know, you are asking what pumpkins have to do with a grape harvest. The answer is nothing. But grapes would be messy sitting on the table for a couple weeks!  It's fall so pumpkins it is. 

simple beautiful fall dining room IMG_8139.JPG
simple beautiful fall dining table FullSizeRender(83).jpg

I wrapped an inexpensive green garland around my pile of pumpkins. The greenery adds much needed depth and color to the pumpkin display.

I found these candles at HomeGoods. I felt the birch chunky candles were the best in expressing a natural relaxed fall atmosphere. I inverted recycled green glassware to give the candles more height.

I thought gold flatware was the best way to bring warmth to this table setting. I echoed the gold color by scattering little gold pods and nestled them into the display. I like these thicker recycled green glasses for this fall table. I love their pretty shape and color. This table looks as if it could be outdoors near a harvested field.

simple beautiful fall dining table FullSizeRender(86).jpg

What really pulls this simple beautiful way to decorate your dining table for fall together are these jute pouches on the plates! They are suppose to be used as utensil holders and name tags. I thought it would be fun to use fall themed words instead of names. Words that reflect the fall season. Then I filled them with lavender and eucalyptus. I love their casual elegance!

I hope you enjoyed stopping by today! I really appreciate you being here!  Happy fall decorating!~joan xoxo

simple beautiful fall dining table IMG_8148.JPG

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