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Tips For Creating A Stylish Home

Tips For Creating A Stylish Home

Thank you for stopping by for a few tips for creating a stylish home. I want to share with you a few tips I learned while working for Pottery Barn. So if you love the Pottery Barn look I’m ready to share with you some of their tips for achieving the casual, inviting look of Pottery Barn.


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When creating a buffet table, go for a non-symmetrical look. For example, drape a square tablecloth on a rectangular table for a casual vibe.  

Have various heights in your centerpiece.

Layers, layers, layers!  Whether it’s gold flatware, wood bowls, rattan place mats, or linen napkins, layer colors and layer textures.

Work with groupings of three. They can be metal, wood, fabric, or glass. For example you can use a metal candle holder, shiny flatware, and a galvanized bucket for flowers.

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For your table, work in formal and casual elements together like I have here. The gold flatware is unexpectedly paired with the rustic burlap bags. This adds a lot of interest. 

Mix it up when it comes to dining room furniture. Instead of all matching chairs, think about maybe a bench on one side and chairs on the other, or consider putting upholstered chairs at the end of the table along with wooden chairs for an unexpected look. 

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a fabulous way to update your decor, especially for seasonal updates. I buy pillow covers only and already have a nice stash of various sizes of down pillow inserts.  

When decorating with throw pillows, it’s best to use lots of different textures together. Linen, embroidered, leather, velvet, and faux fur will all work together beautifully. 

How many throw pillows should I have on my sofa? For a regular-sized sofa it’s recommended to have 5 square pillows or 3 square pillows and a lumbar. For a sectional sofa, use a total of 7 to 8 throw pillows. 

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Use different size pillows on your sofa. When styling my pillows I work from left to right, starting with my largest pillow. I used 24”, 22”, 20” and a lumbar pillow on my sofa. 

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You can always add even more texture with a cozy throw draped casually over your sofa. 

Pottery Barn never uses a “karate chop” in the middle of their pillows. They want to create an inviting and casual look and they feel the “karate chop” feels a bit formal. (Although at some stores the sales associates don’t realize that and “chop” the pillow.)

Bedroom Style

A bedroom should definitely reflect your style. You can play with so many elements of color, texture, and patterns. 

The beds at Pottery Barn are luxurious looking. One of their tricks for creating this lux look is to layer 2 comforters in 1 duvet cover. The bed is instantly so soft and comfy looking. 

Also lots of layers. Sheet, quilts, sometimes 2 duvet covers all add to the welcoming comfortable vibe.  

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How many pillows on the bed? For a queen bed, use 2 euros, 2 shams, and a throw pillow. For a king size bed I use 3 euros, 2 shams and a throw pillow. 

When making the bed, all the bedding isn’t pulled up to the top. Different layers are folded casually, for example a quilt folded into thirds on the end of the bed. The top sheet is folded back over a quilt or blanket, not tucked under the pillows. 

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Here’s a trick I learned when I was on a visual team at Pottery Barn that I’d like to share with you. Shams are so floppy, the edges never stand up, unless you use this trick. For photo shoots, the flange edge of the shams are taped with painter’s tape. Then for the pictures they have a crisp edge!

The bedding is never ironed. The bed linens are steamed on the bed for a relaxed, less formal look. 


I appreciate you stopping by today for some fun Pottery Barn decorating tips. Of course these aren’t rules for decorating, just a fun look at how they achieve a certain style. I feel that decorating is a personal choice and should reflect your tastes and style. So have fun with decorating! 


I have received products in exchange for this post. All expressed opinions are 100% mine. Pottery Barn was not consulted in the writing of this blog. These are my personal accounts. I have used affiliate links for similar items from this post for your shopping convenience.

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