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A Simple DIY Project To Update And Beautify Your Home

A Simple DIY Project To Update And Beautify Your Home

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Thank you for joining me today. I’m not completely done with my kitchen renovation but I couldn’t wait to share with you this simple DIY project. It will make an enormous difference in the look and function of your home. Best of all you can do it yourself!


I have received products in exchange for this post. All expressed opinions are 100% mine.


I have waited so long to remodel my kitchen. It was builder grade, except for the cabinets, and was in need of personality and style. I left the heavy remodeling jobs to the professionals. However I wanted to share with you something I was able to do myself - a simple DIY project to update and beautify my home. This project added the perfect finishing touch to my new quartz counter tops and backsplash! Notice in the “before” photo there’s ugly outlets on the backsplash. Yay, they are gone!

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I replaced those ugly outlets with gorgeous stylish outlets from the adorne collection by Legrand! What a beautiful game changer! I can’t tell you how much this simple DIY project changed the entire vibe of my kitchen space. Now my kitchen feels modern and so refreshed. I am also enjoying all the fabulous features of these outlets.

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These innovative adorne Pop-Out outlets are ready when I need them, and hidden when I don’t. A simple tap and the hidden outlet is ready to use. I love the way they look with my backsplash and they come in a variety of colors so you can customize your style.

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I am thrilled with the pop-out outlets! No more gaping outlet holes. A little tap and it pops open revealing three outlets. I love their modern aesthetic; it’s so sleek against my backsplash!

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If you don’t have a white background, don’t worry because the adorne collection by Legrand comes in a multitude of colors. The white I chose matches my subway tile perfectly.

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The adorne collection by Legrand outlets are also advanced. They’ve designed outlets to work with smart technology. There’s even a wi-fi ready option. I chose this dual USB outlet for my kitchen island. Now it’s a handy spot for using and charging all my smart devices.


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The adorne collection by Legrand created amazing switches designed to make controlling your lights easy, smart, and stylish! From motion sensor and timer technology, touch switches, and paddle switches, and more, there are so many fabulous options to choose from to fit your personal lifestyle.

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One of my favorite features is to control the level of light in the room. That is why I especially love the dimmer switch option! My kitchen is an open concept with the family room and we usually leave on the kitchen light when watching TV. Now we can adjust the level of light to create the perfect atmosphere for watching TV or dining in the kitchen. 

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The kitchen island has the convenience of a dimmer switch and pop-out outlet combination.


In this triple switch I was happy to include a dimmer switch along with the “softap” switches. You have so many beautiful options to make these switches fit and enhance your lifestyle.

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The most incredible thing is that you can do this installation of switches and outlets yourself! The adorne collection by Legrand has a library full of step-by-step installation walkthrough videos to help.

I really appreciate how these products have elevated the style and function of my kitchen. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

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