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Transitioning into Fall Decor

Transitioning into Fall Decor

Yes I'm one of those people that has their Christmas wreath up the day after Thanksgiving! Transitioning into fall decor is a bit trickier. I used to think I could put up my fall decor when the kids go back to school. Now school starts in August! Then I thought maybe I could start fall decorating when the markets started selling pumpkins. But for me that is too long a wait. So now after Labor Day I start transitioning from summer to fall decor. 

The first thing I do is put all the summer decor away. Then the fall boxes are opened. I don't put it all out at once; just little bits and pieces of fall decor to start. I love candles for fall. They create the perfect ambiance for cozy fall nights! After my candles, I set out a few owls, dried gourds, and plush velvet pumpkins. Then each week I add more. Dried leaves, lanterns, wheat sheafs, and white pumpkin plates.

When the markets don't have about pineapples?! I found this pineapple at HomeGoods and knew I had to have it. Pineapples represent welcome so it's the perfect substitute until the pumpkins arrive. 


I found this amazing granite tray in the housewares department at HomeGoods. I love this organic texture for fall decorating. I added rustic candles for a simple fall vignette. Another great find at HomeGoods was this attractive box of playing cards. This conjures up memories of my family on cold fall nights playing card games by the fire.

More fall decor will be added to this side table next week. I will probably put yellow dried leaves in the lantern. That will add plenty of fall color to this scheme.

For early September I keep the colors simple in the front room, then toward the end of the month the fall colored throw pillows will be out on display. .

My homemade paper wreath went up first this year, mainly because I needed somewhere to put it. ;) Click here to see how i made it!

The entryway will be decorated with fall flowers to greet family and friends. I was also thinking of making a paper garland of leaves (similar to the paper wreath over the fireplace) to drape on the mirror.

I find my kitchen naturally begins to look like fall because of the seasonal fruit I buy. Wooden bowls of apples, pears, and various squashes make beautiful fall decorations. However every year I especially love getting out my white pumpkin plates!

By September 22nd, the first day of fall, and by the time the markets get real pumpkins in, I'll be ready to pull the total fall look together. Then I get to sit back and enjoy the seasonal decor....until it's time to haul out the Halloween decorations!

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