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Styling a Coffee Table: Halloween

Styling a Coffee Table: Halloween

Welcome to my blog about styling a coffee table! I will be teaming up every month with some amazing decorating experts on a "blog hopping tour". Each month we will bring you ideas and decorating tips for styling a coffee table. So grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine, relax, and join us for this amazing display of coffee table decor ideas. A special welcome to those who hopped over from Styled with Lace. I love Kim and Lacey's inspiring decor ideas!

Let me show you how I'm styling my coffee table for the end of October. Hint....I was inspired by Halloween ;)


I love black and white so I stuck with that theme for styling a coffee table. I don't like gory Halloween decor; the kind that turns your stomach queasy. I like my decor just a little scary and spooky! 


I always like fresh flowers when styling a coffee table. Bringing the outdoors inside creates a welcoming home. This bouquet is dark and full of interesting textures, the perfect accent for a Halloween coffee table. This coffee table is in the busiest room in the house so the flowers are always admired and appreciated. 


I love reading books and I love using them on display. Here the books serve as center stage for my sparkling white skull. Skulls are a little creepy for Halloween, so I put them all out as a collection on the coffee table.


When styling a coffee table I like putting my decor items on trays. This makes it easy for me to quickly remove the decor if the coffee table is needed for a board game or snacks.


A few spiders are the perfect finishing touch for styling a coffee table for Halloween. Flickering candles are a must to add just the right ambiance.  


I visit HomeGoods for all my Halloween decor needs. Skulls, spiders, and other creepy accessories can be found there! (and of course non-creepy decor like my trays)

Thank you for stopping by to see how I'm styling a coffee table. I hope you enjoy decorating your coffee table!

For more inspiration on styling your coffee table hop on over now to see how Janine at Happy Happy Nester has decorated her coffee table! 

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