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5 Useful Tips When Decorating Your Coffee Table

5 Useful Tips When Decorating Your Coffee Table

I love knickknacks, whether they are souvenirs, mementos, or the latest decor trend! It's a fun way to express your personality at home. Also they reflect the seasons and help create the atmosphere you desire at home. I like to follow 5 basic guidelines when decorating my coffee table. This might help you too if you have ever had trouble deciding how to decorate your coffee table.

1. Flowers or Greenery

Fresh flowers are always a welcome sight on a coffee table! If you have a green thumb and terrific house plants go for it. I look for flowers that last a long time, or any element that brings the outdoors in. For value I shop at Trader Joe's and local Farmer's Markets. Flowers and plants add amazing color and depth.

2. Amazing Trays

Buy amazingly beautiful trays! I love trays! The trays themselves should look fabulous even when empty. I like gold and mirrored trays because of the way they catch and reflect light in the room.

3.  Heights and Levels

Create varying heights and levels in your displays. Use other decor items to do this. One book or a stack of books makes the perfect platform for a vase and other decor. Candlesticks are also a fabulous way to add height and interest. Cake stands come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to help you add drama to your design.

4. Books

The well read coffee table! Not only do I enjoy reading books; I love them layered on my coffee table. They add interest, color, levels, and can provide an ice breaker in conversation. I search used book sections and can sometimes find great books at a reduced price.

5. Use For Entertaining

Use your coffee tables for entertaining! It's the most convenient place to serve cocktails and snacks... oh and coffee of course!

I hope you have fun decorating your coffee tables!

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