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Bar Cart Essentials

Bar Cart Essentials


I love my bar cart! Its ambience creates a cool, relaxed, always ready for a good time vibe! Bar carts are decorative too. Bottles, glassware, and bar accessories range from casual impromptu drinks before dinner to fancy black-tie cocktail events. And you can do all of this and more when you have the bar cart essentials.

First, a great bar cart! There are so many amazing bar cart styles to choose from.  I happened upon mine at a warehouse sale, then I painted it to suit my decor needs. I love it because it's on wheels so I can move the party anywhere. It's even been outside for a BBQ with a dispenser full of sangria and iced down beer. I've had it in the entryway to greet guests with champagne/mimosas for brunch. But most of the time it's near the kitchen because that's where everyone seems to hang out when I'm cooking. If you don't have room for a bar cart or it doesn't fit in the budget, use an existing console table or cabinet top. Find an awesome tray to gather your bar essentials in and you're ready to entertain.

No bar cart, no problem. A tray on top a console table or chest of drawers is a perfect spot for a bar.

No bar cart, no problem. A tray on top a console table or chest of drawers is a perfect spot for a bar.

Then, the basics. For cocktails, this assortment of bottles covers most of my guests' drink requests. I also like to have tonic water, sparkling water, soda, vermouth, and bitters on hand. Always remember not everyone drinks alcohol so I like to include an interesting fruit soda or juice.

These are bar cart accessories I find to be essential for entertaining:

1. Strainer

2. Jigger for measuring alcohol

3. Shaker

4. Picks for drink garnishes

5. Garnish knife and cutting board

6. Stirrer

7. Muddler for muddling mint leaves or fruit

8. Corkscrew/bottle opener

9. Ice bucket and ice tongs

Know your guests. Most guests love a cocktail before dinner then switch to wine for dinner. But some guests just drink wine. So I like to have a few bottles ready for those guests (besides the wine for dinner).

Having a signature cocktail for your bar cart is fun too! For a fancy cocktail party perhaps French 75 cocktails could be served with the drink name and description provided and framed on the bar cart. (French 75 is gin, champagne, simple syrup, and lemon.) On a cold winter night a hot drink like Irish Coffee could be offered after dinner. A warm evening in the summer is perfect for mojitos! The kinds of cocktails served are limitless left only to your imagination. A signature cocktail is sure to create a memorable party!

However you choose to entertain with your bar cart, remember to have fun with it! xoxo ~joan

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