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Decorating with Books

Decorating with Books


I love books! I have been collecting decor/lifestyle books for a long time. I know how difficult it is to find the space to store a collection. So my books are always out on display, always ready to be read and looked at again. 

Don't get me wrong... I love technology! I always read novels on my iPad. But my decor/lifestyle books need to be on paper between two covers. Sitting down with a good book is enjoyable and relaxing. I turn into a homebody when it's time to relax with a cup of coffee/glass of wine and turn the pages of an inspiring book. I find the photos in these types of books the best part! I may not have a cute cozy cottage but I can escape to one while I read. My own personal home tour on paper. 


These books came from HomeGoods. I love this vignette, which reminds me of traveling. The books set the mood with their title of great cities to visit. The framed map adds to this theme along with the old fashioned magnifying glass. It's perfect here tucked under the stairs. 


Here, books are being used to add shades of blue and green to my entryway. Not only am I adding color but I get to use these adorable elephant bookends!

Books make great props when decorating. Stacked up they elevate and bring dimension to a design. Now the topiary is tall enough to hide the unsightly electric cords plugged in the wall. I hate seeing cords (though sometimes it can't be helped!).

I put interesting cocktail books out on the bar cart for inspiration. My guests like to look through them. Sometimes it leads to my guests making drinks for themselves and me without me having to ask. It makes for easy entertaining!

Choosing the right book covers helped me to create the look I'm going for in my family room. I wanted black and white and gold. These books helped me pull this color scheme together.

Of course, books can always go in a bookcase too. But I could write a whole other blog about styling bookcases. However you display your books, have fun with it! xoxo-joan

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