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Fall Entertaining Outdoors

Fall Entertaining Outdoors

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In California the fall season has the best weather. It’s the perfect time for fall entertaining outdoors. So many of my Californian friends, including myself, were married in October because of the fabulous weather.

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In fact I just got back from my niece’s wedding in Pasadena, with a gorgeous catered reception in the garden. That inspired me to celebrate our anniversary with a few friends in our backyard.

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I scooted my kitchen table to the backyard for this dinner.  

fall mantel IMG_9624.jpg

I loved the pumpkins I got in Half Moon Bay this year. I took these pumpkins off the mantel and arranged them on the table. 

fall entertaining outdoors IMG_9685.JPG
fall entertaining outdoors IMG_9681.JPG

I moved my front porch bench and pumpkins to the backyard too. The table was decorated and ready for entertaining in no time.

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I love these string patio lights my husband hung overhead. I’m such a terrible procrastinator, I’ve had the lights for 2 years and finally thought to put them up!  I love the ambiance they create. 

fall entertaining outdoors IMG_9674.JPG
fall entertaining outdoors IMG_9676.JPG

I adore candlelight, even outside. I know the wind blows the wax, but I like the way the wax cascades over the sides.  

fall entertaining outdoors IMG_9690.JPG

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. A fabulous time to appreciate nature and the changing seasons. I hope you get a chance to entertain outdoors this fall. xoxo~Joan

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