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Simple Fall Bedroom Decor

Simple Fall Bedroom Decor

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I like to refresh my bedroom for the change of seasons. This year I’m determined to simplify my decor. I look forward to the cooler temperatures and cozy atmosphere in autumn. My simple fall bedroom decor emphasizes the use of textures and layers to create the cozy environment I want this fall!

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I started with the idea of a color scheme of grey and white only. I couldn’t resist adding a few touches of blush. The texture of this mohair blanket is perfect for cozy comfort. Coconut loves how comfy it is!

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I like fresh air, so I sleep with my window open a bit, which can lead to a chilly bedroom. So I brought out both of my comforters. I enjoy the fluffy comfort of the multiple layered bedding.

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I like going to bed early in the fall and curling up with a good book, so I piled up lots of pillows for a cozy spot to read. These gorgeous ruffled white linen button shams are from Hallstrom Home.

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Another layer I add are the sheepskin rugs, they feel so luxurious under foot!

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I brought out a couple of faux pumpkins for the season. My favorite fall addition is the pumpkin wreath. I added a string of battery twinkle lights on a timer. I love the beautiful effect the fairy lights have in the darkened bedroom.

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Adding this simple fall decor to my bedroom has made this space a beautiful retreat for the fall season! Happy fall season ~Joan

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