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5 Fabulous Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas

5 Fabulous Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas

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It’s one of my favorite times of the year! When the temperatures begin to cool I can’t wait to ‘nest’ and add fall decor to my home. I thought it would be fun to showcase different fall mantels I’ve created over the last few years. They vary greatly in style and design. Maybe one will inspire you in your fall decorating.

While walking in our neighborhood a couple weeks ago I found a fallen branch. I love combining natural elements when decorating for fall, so I carried it home.

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I perched the branch on the mantel and its simple beauty was my inspiration. A few candle holders and faux pumpkins were all I needed to create this fabulous fall mantel.

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A touch of faux fig greens gives more depth and interest.

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Pillows, throw, and basket supply amazing textures and warmth to this design! Meet my new puppy Coconut!

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This fall mantel was so simple! Pumpkins from a trip to the Pumpkin Farm, faux greens, twinkle lights and candlesticks and in five minutes my fall mantel decor was up!

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This fabulous fall mantel design was inspired by a trip to HomeGoods. I always like a candle element on my mantel and these lanterns were the perfect accessory. I placed the garland a little off center for interest.

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Halloween mantels are always so much fun to do! It looks like ‘the more decor the better’ for these Halloween mantels!

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5 fall mantel ideas IMG_1323.JPG
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Are you already thinking ahead to Christmas? Me too! I thought I’d include these Christmas mantels because Christmas is just around the corner.

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Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed and have been inspired by the different ways I have decorated my mantel over the last few years! Happy fall decorating! ~ Joan

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