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Winter Decor: Simplicity for the New Year

Winter Decor: Simplicity for the New Year

Happy New Year! To be completely honest with you, this time of year is always a challenge for me. I miss the bright lights, Christmas decor, and holiday parties. I also have an urgent need to reorganize and unclutter my home! Unfortunately my resolution list is full of some of the same items from last year. Combine the above with gloomy winter days and I become overwhelmed! So I've decided to slow things down. Everything can't be done in a day and I need to be realistic and simplify my expectations.

I have decided that 2 days of the week will be devoted to reorganizing and uncluttering. My goal is one room at a time, but I realize that there is a bit of a domino effect. So far I am happy to report 3 SUV truckloads are gone! Enlisting the help of my husband and daughters has helped too. Their input has reaffirmed my decision that letting go of 'stuff' is the right thing to do.

winter decor IMG_7564.JPG

I threw my old list of New Year's resolutions away. Phew, that felt good! Besides uncluttering there are 2 things that I need to get done this year:

1. Small kitchen renovation  

2. Replant and redesign the backyard

Of course I would love to be trendy and paint a wall dark or use wallpaper somewhere. My husband would like to use my home office too, so a remodel is needed there. My daughter's bedroom is in desperate need of a fix. My master bath needs to be repainted. The list goes on and on. I would love to accomplish these goals this year but only after I complete my first 2 projects. Concentrating on only these 2 goals will keep me focused.

Instead of battling the cold gloomy winter, I have decided to embrace it. I am getting cozy in my home decor. My colors are simplified to winter white, grey, and gold. Layers of texture was added when I got out all my comfy throws and placed them throughout my home.

I've put ottomans in front of chairs for relaxed seating.  Candles are on almost every surface. All my vases have been filled with long lasting flowers like hydrangeas or faux greens.

winter decor IMG_8876.JPG

In the kitchen I have been making comforting soups and pasta dishes. Our fireplace is on almost every night, and my bed is layered with comforters and quilts perfect for these cold long nights.

winter decor FullSizeRender.jpg

I have a bit of a new attitude towards winter now. I'm determined to enjoy the cozy aspects of the season. Limiting my goals, simplifying, and focusing in on the immediate ones has made this winter less stressful! After all spring isn't that far away!

Thank you for stopping by! ~joan xo

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My beautiful chunky knit throws are from Artizen Home !


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